Provacateur Julian Shah-Tayler pens sexy hit


Hitmaker Julian Shah-Tayler, who co-wrote Whitey’s smash hit “Wrap It Up” (featured in Whip It, GTA 4, Sopranos, Kyle XY and CSI Miami) during his stint as the band’s guitarist, and has written/produced songs for Joaquin Phoenix, Bethia Beadman (Courtney Love), JC Chasez, and Violet Flames to name a few, is writing hits for his own project now.

His most recent EP, Un Ange Passe, is to prep fans and would-be fans for his full length debut in the fall. Un Ange Passe introduces listeners to the first single off the album “Wetter,” an electro-influenced avant-pop track with some provocative lyrics. Ahem…

“If you’re getting bored with the conversation
Let’s get down to the penetration
You’re the object of my fascination,
I wanna make you wet with my perspiration

Your body is the reason that I came
The wetter the better
I want you
I want you”

Are you flushed and blushing yet? If the lyrics didn’t do it, then surely once you start dancing to the infectious beat, that will. Check him out here or on Facebook.

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