Album Review – Showstar ‘Think Ringo’

Showstar is without question the greatest band from Belgium that you have never heard of.  That will change soon enough as their third album, Think Ringo, is full of radio friendly hits that seem tailor made to climb charts.  Even though the group is based in Belgium Showstar is a fully Britpop band.  Ringo proves that with tracks heavily influenced by The Beatles (obviously, with that title) as well as bands from the Britpop invasion of the nineties like Blur and Pulp.

Britpop may not have been popular for over a decade but if talented bands like this keep popping up it just may make a resurgence. Showstar knows what they can play and they play it well.   In true Britpop fashion every song on Ringo is played with endless jubilation, captivating beats, and ecstatic vocals (thank you Mr. Thesaurus). A personal favorite is the second track “(Love),” complete with parenthesis, that is the most heavily Beatles inspired song and has some killer guitar riffs and a little more static in the vocals that I enjoy more than the more digital cleaner cut vocals on the other tracks.  Another potential hit with American audiences is “On The Telly,” not only for liberal use of the word telly but for its great harmonizing and infectious chorus as well.  There is nothing wholly original about Ringo, but who cares when the music is this fun to listen too.

Thing Ringo is available on iTunes and through the myspace of Vespasonic Records.

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