“Say Cheese” Cheese People Album Review

Album Of Cheese People Cartoon with Woman and two creatures on each side | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

I heart cheese, but I hate people. I am definitely uncertain about my feelings towards Cheese People. Listening to their self-titled debut album is almost like eating salt & vinegar potato chips – it is an acquired taste and you just don’t know what it is that draws you to it.

This Russian quartet does a fine job of creating unique sounds on their no-budget self-produced album. Funky and edgy barely describes the band. Just the track titles alone (Boombasters, O-Djaz…) will make you listen. They are loud, they are upbeat, and they want to be heard. The consistencies throughout the album are their catchy beats and crazy (literally) lyrics. I personally love “Wake Up” and think it’s the perfect song to be set as my alarm in the morning.

For more information on Cheese People visit MySpace and get their album now on Amazon.

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