Washington Square Park – Jersey Style

Washington Square Park
You know a band’s got taste when they name themselves after a New York City landmark. Washington Square Park is a group of musically talented friends, started by Max Rauch as a one man side project. They hail from New Jersey, and are bonded by the “The love of music, and passion to put everything else aside.” Punchy, upbeat, and funky, this indie rock band has got a lot to offer instrumentally and vocally. Furthermore, they are one of the more lyrically clever bands where they actually address some important issues in some of their selections – “Believing” is one of my favorites. Their self-titled debut album is now available on iTunes. They are also touring starting July, mainly in the tri-state area. Check out their MySpace page for more details if you’d like to catch them live! Get their self-titled album now on iTunes

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