Singer/Actress Neshia performs first show at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip

I enjoy seeing an artist’s first show. I love the lack of polish, the nervousness painted on the artist’s face, or I love to be enchanted by the lack thereof. Seeing an artist who puts on a show like they’ve been doing it for years and learning that it’s their first is pure magic.

That’s why I went to the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip to see Neshia play her first show. After the first song, it was evident that she had the confidence, but lacked the experience. She was talented, but lacked the dedication to her craft to log in hours of practice necessary to put on a stellar show. It showed when she started to sing the song in the wrong key, much to the dismay of her accompanying guitarist. He quickly corrected her before too much damage was done.

Although the songwriting was lackadaisical there was a moment in one song that subtly glistened. When Neshia was singing a song about her mother, there was an honesty that the lyrics were unable to convey, where Neshia was nearly brought to tears. I would have liked to see more moments like that.

All in all, the show was alright but forgettable. If Neshia is able to develop her artistry and fashion her poignant moments into songs, while keeping the integrity of the words intact during her performances, she may just stand a chance.

Check out her progress on her website

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