Selene Vigil Wilk, lead singer of 7 Year Bitch, releases solo debut September 14

Selene Vigil-Wilk, best known as the riveting front woman for acclaimed Seattle indie band 7 Year Bitch, will make her solo debut with That Was Then, due out September 14th. She’ll release the album on indie label, Tuck and Roll Music. That Was Then marks her first release since 7 Year Bitch disbanded in the late 1990’s.

“The time and space was necessary for me to see the songs for what they were and to really understand what I felt about them,” says Vigil-Wilk. “Sometimes time itself makes you see things in a different perspective… ”

As the title implies, That Was Then finds Vigil-Wilk both looking back and looking forward. “I Brought The Rain with Me,” the in-your-face lead-off track, takes its title from a pivotal time in her life – when she moved from Seattle to Los Angeles to join Brad Wilk, drummer for Rage Against the Machine, whom she later married. The rains were torrential in Southern California that winter, prompting his comment that she’d brought the rain with her. The innocent remark provided a jumping-off point for the song, which is a blistering commentary on a society where “money keeps you innocent and killer, killers walk free.”

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