Album Review: One Pin Short

One Pin Short
When I first listened to “Pick Me Up,” I thought I was listening to Sublime’s “Santeria”. No joke (I even listened to the two songs back-to-back, the similarities are striking). It’s because Eddie Ashworth produced their self-titled novice album One Pin Short. Based in the heated sin city, this group of high school buddies came together for the love of music and sought after their passion. Their sound is as diverse as the instruments played by its members. Ska, punk, and reggae rock. They are all of the above and much more.

“Waiting” has my vote for best guitar intro. “What You Need” makes you want to get up out of your chair and dance, with the one you adore, by the beach. It’s a feel-good, seize-the-moment kind of song that has happy written all over. “Everything,” is gonna be alright after you listen to this track. The tempo of this 3:23 long track constantly changes to the very last seconds. Its build up to the instrumental jam session is kind of fantastic. My favorite track has to be “Night Like This”. It’s brass-heavy with a semi-mellow melody that soothes your body and soul. The band slows it down for us in “All Fall Down,” where ‘the Big Hawaiian guy’ really gets to showcase his vocal skills in this final track.

For a band whose biggest vices are beer and marijuana, this freshman effort is nothing short of fresh. Get their self-titled album now on One Pin Short.

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