Paper Tongues Are MTV's PUSH Artist of the Week

Aswan, Devin, Jordan, Danny, Clayton, Joey and Cody make up the band, Paper Tongues.  Get to know more about them in MTV’’s PUSH Artist of the Week feature where you’ll learn that the guys’ song, “For the People,” was chosen by MTV to be the theme to their new show, “When I Was 17.” Click here to see what Paper Tongues had to say about when they were 17 and what manager & American Idol’s Randy Jackson thinks of them.

MTV recently featured Paper Tongues’ song, “Ride to California,” as the first song of the season premiere of MTV’s hit reality show, The Hills. Check out the track on Paper Tongues self-titled debut album which is in stores and on Paper Tongues. Keep up with the band thru their MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

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