Impulsive Decision: Far From Inexperienced

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Recently signed under the Citation Records label, the New Jersey rockers of Impulsive Decision make a strong showing in their first full length album. While the album, Far From Thru, features only 10 tracks there is hardly a weak song among them. The shining strength of Impulsive Decision lies in their technical skills as Brian Murtaugh’s vocals are always on key and follow the flow of each song very well. Murtaugh is also aided by the impressive skill of drummer Josh Beckem and bassist Tom Macferran. For a band that has only been together since 2007 the cohesiveness of their music is striking and comparable to bands working on their fifth album, not their first.

At times the instrumentals of a song will remind listeners to the songs of such established bands as Nickelback and Creed. Impulsive Decision also shows musical range when they ditch the drum solos and guitar riffs for softer sounds in songs such as “Lost for Words” and “Far Away.” “Lost for Words” in particular takes on the sound of an acoustic track and offers a pleasant reprieve from more bass driven songs. The overall strength of the album seems also to be a double-edged sword however, as the album doesn’t really contain a traditional single. Those listening to the album will undoubtedly give each track multiple plays, but will not necessarily be singing along to a catchy chorus. A hope is that listeners will not pass by such a quality band just because of a lack of a hit single.

For more information on the band check out MySpace and get their album Far From Thru now on Impulsive Decision!

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