Lost in Society's 'Eastern Empire'

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It’s all in the name.

The members of Lost in Society are what they call themselves–lost. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing for us. Their latest release, Eastern Empire, embodies the world of young angst. A world where love, parents, sex, drinking, laziness, fear, loneliness, and suicide pile on top of one another and inflict mayhem upon New Jersey’s music scene. Don’t let subject matter discourage you from giving them a shot, the band tackles these issues head on with constantly upbeat melodies and stinging, confrontational lyrics. Besides, everyone can relate to love turned sour or overbearing parents, right?

Stay away from classifying this trio–each song on the album is different, some with an alternative, edgy-rock feel and others exhibiting electrifying pop punk. Let’s talk about the song “Plastered.” Sure, on the surface we hear drinking, drunk, and going after the girl. But step-back, and maybe “break[ing] down your door and keep[ing] you out all night” while “changing your mind” metaphorically means that the band’s music is coming after you, breaking down barriers, and keeping you interested. Lost in Society just may change your mind. (And in this song, the boys admit their parents aren’t so bad, after all.)

Eastern Empire is the band’s second album, but we’ll continue to watch these guys as they continue to progress. The final word: the lead singer Zach Moyle’s voice is smooth and infectious at times, so when is there going to be a local, acoustic set?

Eastern Empire is available on Lost In Society - Eastern Empire
Visit MySpace.com/LostInSociety123 for upcoming shows.

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