Rocking Under the Radar: The Hold Steady

Band: The Hold Steady

Where Are They From? Brooklyn, New York

When Did They Start? 2004

Who Are They? The Hold Steady formed as a bar band in Brooklyn, after Craig Finn (lead singer/lyricist/guitarist) and Tad Kubler (lead guitar) left the indie band Lifter Puller, as well as their upper Midwest homes, behind. They quickly started writing new music, and have since carved four critically-acclaimed albums out of their distinctive alternative/classic/indie rock sound. Their fifth album, “Heaven is Whenever,” will be hitting the streets on May 4th.

Why Should You Care? Because The Hold Steady are simply one of the best rock bands on the scene right now. They write albums full of anthemic songs with hyper-literate, yet easily-accessible lyrics that are often brilliantly quotable. The band is also a tremendously entertaining live act, with shows and crowds resembling early Springsteen gigs. It is difficult to convey just how great a band The Hold Steady is without listening to them, so checking out the links to the songs below is highly recommended.

What Do They Have to Say?

  • “Half the crowd’s calling out for ‘Born to Run’/The other half’s calling out for ‘Born to Lose’/Baby, we were born to choose” – Lyric from “Barfruit Blues”
  • “In bar-light, she looked alright/In daylight, she looked desperate/That’s alright, I was desperate, too” – Lyric from “Sequestered In Memphis”
  • How Do They Sound?

  • “Stuck Between Stations”
  • “First Night”
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