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His soulful voice and hypnotic vibes put an end to Matthew McConaughey’s insomnia on New Year’s 2000. It wasn’t until years later, Mishka was finally found and signed as the first artist under McConaughey’s label j.k. livin’ (just keep livin’) Records in 2006.

Born to a Bermudian father and a Canadian mother, and raised on a sailing vessel, Mishka definitely inherited an eclectic style as vast as the ocean. Early influences such as Bob Marley, Burning Spear, and Juluku had all molded his worldly sound as he passionately pursued his career in music.

Talk About, out in stores on March 30, is his second release under j.k. livin’ Records, with twice the burst of positive energy and inspiration. This album further embraces an element of pop, which spices up the traditional reggae flair – thanks to musician/producer Butch Walker, a master of mixing various music genres seamlessly, as well as collaborations with legends such as Willie Nelson.

The first single “Bittersweet” is an upbeat tune you can’t help but dance to when taking a road trip down to the shores of the Outterbanks in North Carolina (not that you should ever dance while driving). Aside from creating feel-good beats, Mishka also does a great job of conveying emotional and powerful messages through his lyrics. All of which are indicative of his personal growth as a musician, but more importantly, as a human being.

It should be pretty promising that this album will be heard, and much talked about amongst fans both near and far. Talk About is available now. For more information on Mishka check out his official website.

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