Sleep Bellum Sonno / Rapid Cities – On Tour

Long Island, NY’s Sleep Bellum Sonno and New Brunswick, NJ’s Rapid Cities are set to embark on an East Coast tour together starting today. The two bands are once again playing shows in support of their 2009 full-length albums, Judge Us By How We Lived Our Lives, Not By How We Made Our Living and Machinery Saints, respectively.

The bands will play together from March 9th through the 20th, with Sleep Bellum Sonno continuing on for five more shows.

Recorded live, Sleep Bellum Sonno’s album tells the tale of twelve characters who all intertwine into one larger story of a husband / father leaving his wife and two sons behind. To say that Sleep Bellum Sonno’s Judge Us By How We Lived Our Lives, Not By How We Made Our Living is a challenging listen might be an understatement. But for those willing to indulge themselves the riches buried within are plenty.

Listen to “A House Of Spades Stands No Chance Against The Wind (Gambler)” HERE

Deliberately evoking familiar patterns of hardcore and punk rock tradition, and spitting it out with a conscious, yet subtle control of the unconventional and the dissonant, Rapid Cities accepts the challenge to take the step forward. The resulting art of the band’s debut, Machinery Saints, observes what is pleasurable about today’s living, as well as what is mundane. Rapid Cities are both a breath of fresh air as well as an assurance that truly “progressive” yet enjoyable music is still possible.

Listen to “In My Mind” HERE

You can view a tour video and download a tour poster.

# Sleep Bellum Sonno only
MAR 09 – Huntington, NY @ Gramp’s w/ Balance And Composure
MAR 12 – New Brunswick, NJ @ Battle School w/ Black Kites
MAR 13 – Wilmington, DE @ Marcella House
MAR 14 – Richmond, VA @ Empire
MAR 15 – Wilmington, NC @ The Soapbox
MAR 17 – Durham, NC @ The Pinhook
MAR 18 – Harrisonburg, VA @ Blue Nile
MAR 19 – Philadelphia, PA @ Breakfest and Dessert House
MAR 20 – New York, NY @ Tommy’s Tavern
MAR 24 – Brighton, MA @ Handsome Mansion #
MAR 25 – Worcester, MA @ Ralph’s Rock Diner #
MAR 26 – Burlington, VT @ 242 Main #
MAR 27 – Amherst, MA @ Dad City w/ Rooftops, The Americas #

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