Rocking Under the Radar: The Fratellis

Band: The Fratellis

Where Are They From? Glasgow, Scotland

When Did They Start? 2005

Who Are They? The Fratellis are probably best described as a pop garage rock band, if such a title exists. Their style is similar to that of contemporaries like The Strokes and The Vines, but The Fratellis feature a more “danceable” sound than those acts.

Why Should You Care? Because The Fratellis are just a good, old-fashioned fun rock band. Their two albums feature songs that are easy to bounce to, yet also have a depth that harkens back to some of the best garage rock acts (The Kinks, for example).

What Do They Have to Say?

  • “Don’t just say yes to tease me/Do your utmost to please me/I don’t mean to be sleazy/Being you can’t be easy” – Lyric from “Creeping Up the Backstairs”
  • “Jesus stole my baby/Jesus stole my girl/He took her away for an hour every sunday/And cut all of her beautiful curls” – Lyric from “Jesus Stole My Baby”
  • How Do They Sound?

  • “Henrietta”
  • “Look Out Sunshine”
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    The Fratellis

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