Southerly goes 'Negativist' on new EP; Plots International Tour

Portland, Oregon’s Krist Krueger, Southerly has announced the release of a lush, layered new work titled Champion Of The Noisy Negativists on February 19th. The digital/CD/vinyl EP via the Self Group imprint follows the artist’s celebrated 2007 album, Storyteller And The Gossip Columnist (Greyday Records). Unlike the previous disc, Champion is a largely instrumental affair, using vocals as additional layers, rather than the music’s guide.

Listen to the MP3 for “Trials” from Champion here and “Soldiers” from Storyteller here.

To kick off the EP release, Southerly launches a tour throughout Europe with Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band beginning February 18th. A hometown sendoff is slated for Tuesday, February 16th at Kelly’s Olympian in Portland with four bands sharing various Southerly members. See below for complete dates.

Champion Of The Noisy Negativists is a continuation in the evolution of songwriter/producer Krist Krueger, whose work has often been compared to fellow moody pop artists The National, Brendan Benson, Richard Ashcroft and Tindersticks. Predominantly recorded at Krueger’s own Sonic Sandbox (Portland, OR) and completed at Haywire Studios (Portland, OR), Champion was engineered by both Krueger and Robert Bartleson and produced by Krueger.

Are you a champion of the noisy negativists?

The EP is dedicated to and in memory of Jeff Hanson, please visit to learn more about him and his beautiful music.

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