The August Infinity, 'Voices Of A Generation'

Brooklyn rock band, The August Infinity, have crafted a superb rock album with their debut LP Voices of a Generation. With its mix of earnest lyrics, solid vocals by Joshua Hawksley, pulsating rhythms by drummer, Ian Pierce, and heavy hitting melodies by Stephen Sannicandro & Chris Moss; they have created a multi dimensional album that has an organic feel with its a simple guitar-bass-drums setup.Everything on the album was written, recorded, mixed, and produced by the band from their NYC apartment. Despite it’s home-grown origins, the album has a very professional sound.

The album includes a mix of songs that range from the screaming rock of Purpose In Your Life, to the hard hitting, Feel This, to the mid-tempo, My Confession, to the slower Push Pull Shove, ending with a great acoustic version of The Faster That You Run (make sure to check out the bonus hidden track at the end of this for an enjoyable bash of Williamsburg hipsters).  Some of the highlights include the catchy title track Voices of a Generation, the pulsating The Promise In The Misery Line, and my personal favorite – the emotive, Something Wrong Here with its vocal harmonies and electrifying guitar playing. All of which have substantial lyrics and create an emotional connection with the listener.

Get their album Voices of a Generation now on The August Infinity !

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