CMJ Recap: Day 3 & 4

So I wanted to post a recap of Day 3 of CMJ, but I was out until 2 A.M. and didn’t have the strength to get to a computer when I had to be in work in 9 hours. So here’s a combo of days 3 and 4.

Day three was a night of misses and comedy, while Friday, the exhaustion caught up with me and I was not able to see any bands.

Wednesday night, I headed out to the Suffolk Room to check out the 7:00 P.M. performance of AT SEA. They played a set of melodic pop rock. I love all the chimes in their music. They were really good.

At one point in the show during their last song, the spot lights turned on like they do at the end of the night when it’s last call and it was directly above my and Jess’ head like it was our turn to perform. It was funny, but kind of embarrassing at the same time. I noticed the guy next to me gave me a look like I should start doing something and then he did a little dance. I just laughed and and hoped the crowd continued to watch the band.

After the band ended we locomoted out of there to try to catch some of the Hockey performance at the Spin Magazine party. We got to Broadway, but only after walking around trying to figure out what direction we needed to go. By the time we got there it was 8:30 and there was only a half hour left. The party was on the roof top and we decided to go up and see if there was anything still going on. We met Mike & Adam from GOOM and they told us that the band just ended. I was throughly disappointed becuase I didn’t’ think I would be able to catch their 11 P.M. performance at the Mercury Lounge since we were going to the Secret Comedy Show at Comix.

Jess’ and I chatted with Mike and Adam and then went over to the Pure Volume house with them for a bit before meeting up with Lauren who also writes for ESBMusic. We were going to see 2 AM Club at S.O.B’s. Unfortunately, we got there too late and they weren’t letting in anymore CMJ badge people. Since Comix was in the West side we decided to try to catch some of Vertical Horizon, but of course we got there too late also.

I was starving so we went down the street to POP Burger. I never went to that place. For those who don’t know, it’s like an upscale burger joint with a lounge type setting in the back. You can either eat at the white fast food style tables in the front or go back and have drinks at a lounge type setting with table service complete with velvet ropes. The place was cute and the burgers were good.  After finishing my food we went over to Comix and waited to get in.

The show was fun. The host, Sean was hilarious and there were a lot of comics who performed. Their names have escaped me (should have written this when it was fresh in my mind now I’m delirious and tired again so I can’t remember). They were all funny and it was a lot of fun. It wasn’t over until 2 A.m. and I was wiped.I was so glad I was staying in the city that night so I could sleep a little later and have a shorter trek to work.

Friday night was a bust. I had planned on seeing bands later tonight after a short nap, but I was so exhausted that my two hour slumber turned into me waking up at 11 P.M. and not wanting to go anywhere since it was cold and raining.

With tomorrow being the last day, I’m hoping to do as much as possible.

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