Single File and Danger Radio At Blender Grammercy

2009_0416SF0002 This past week I got a nasty cold and I wasn't sure whether I would be able to attend the Single File show at Blender Grammercy on Friday night. Despite my 100.3 fever, I bared the illness and went out at 7:30 to catch the 8pm start time.

When I got to the theatre I was surprised that there was no line, then I realized why that was the case. When I approached the entrance, the security guard has asked me if I was aware that Plain White T's had cancelled due to the lead singer being ill. I had no idea since all day I was bed ridden and not online to find out the news. I still went in to catch the opening bands play. I was curious to see Single File after hearing so much about them the past couple months.

The lights went down at promptly 8 p.m. to screams and applause. I looked around to see a majority of the seats full despite the floor being empty. It seemed people wanted to stay for the free show but weren't sure how rocking' it would be and decided to sit in the seats in the back of the theatre.
There was a group of guys and girls about high school age who looked eagerly excited and it was almost like it was fake or mockery. They started dancing when the theme to the A-Team came on. The song ended and the lights went up and four guys hit the stage. They introduced themselves as Single File and I was surprised because all their promo stuff only featured three members.

They opened with “Girlfriends,” the up-tempo, steady drumming whistling song. I like this song’s quirky lyrics and catchy melodies. They played about a 30 minute set featuring a slew of fun, high-energy rock songs. The looks of the lead singer were Kurt Kobainesque but the music was definitely more up-beat, yet lyrically love stricken. They closed with “Velcro,” the Caribbean infused rock back beat cutesy pie song about a girl who has a crush on her neighbor. I liked this song and the crowd was feeling them by dancing and clapping along. They played well, but overall I wasn’t that enthralled. They didn’t grab me that much.

The next and last band to play was Danger Radio. Having heard of them but not their music I was intrigued as to what type of sound they had. When they took the stage I was a little overwhelmed by all the members, but then they started into their set and I was instantly captivated by their stage presence. They had an amazing sound that was a mix of rock, funk, and soul. I really loved their performance. They oozed excitement and energy. Drew de Torres is the quintessential lead singer; he commanded the stage and seemed to love every minute in the spotlight. I really liked the show.

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