Rocking Under The Radar: Parachute


Photo Courtesy of Mercury/Island Def Jam Reocrds

Straight outta Charlottsville, Viriginia, comes Parachute: Will Anderson (guitars, piano, lead vocals), Kit French (saxaphone, keyboards, vocals), Alex Hargrove (bass), Johnn Stubblefield (drums), and Nate McFarland (lead guitar vocals). Formerly, known as Sparky’s Flaw, they began playing together in high school and later on as students at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. They signed with Charlottesville, VA based Red Light Management and won a loyal grass roots following as they played over 200 shows along the East Coast last year alone.

Signed to Mercury/Island Def Jam Records in 2007, Parachute, is a band that will be hitting the bulls eye with music fans. Their first single “She Is Love” is a sweet heart-felt ballad with a catchy piano pop hooks and chorus.

The song is currently featured on Nivea’s national TV campaign. The band is set to release a full-length debut album in spring 2009.

Download your own copy of “She Is Love” from Parachute!

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