Rocking Under The Radar: A Clean Getaway

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This week I have chosen to feature NJ rock band, A Clean Getaway. I had the pleasure of seeing the quartet last week at the Whiskey Bar in Hoboken, NJ.

I jetted down Washington Street and soon realized I was at the Whiskey Bar. I walked into the bar and paid the cover. Then went off to the side and waited for the set to start. A band started playing and I figured that they weren’t A Clean Getaway because it wasn’t any of the guys that I recognized from their MySpace page. I was kind of confused, but i figured their set must have got pushed back. It was confirmed when I got a text from David, the band’s manager, saying they weren’t going on until 10.

I texted to David that I was there and he came over and introduced himself. I also had the chance to meet three fourths of the band: Nick (vocals), Joe (bassist), and Matt (guitarist) at that time. All of them were really awesome guys and seemed really excited to be playing.

While waiting for the band to play I went to the bar and got a drink. It seemed like forever and I was a little impatient; I wan’t really feeling the other band that was currently playing. I was hoping that they would be done soon.

Finally, the other band was over and the guys went to set up their equipment. I was excited to see the set, but also nervous because there is always the chance that the band may sound better recorded than live. This was not the case with A Clean Getaway. They sounded as good as they did on their EP.

Despite the small crowd, they played their hearts out. You could really feel the intensity of the enjoyment they had for playing. They had good interaction with the crowd and lead vocalist, Nick was very appreciative of all the applause. He even, gave ESBMusic a shout out when he played “Souls for Sale” thanking us for putting them as “Song of the Day.” It was so nice!

I really enjoyed the show, I thought they did a great set. It was a mix of up-tempo and hard hitting rock music. The only thing that I would have liked was to hear more of the songs from the EP. It seemed like they only played a few songs. I would maybe play less cover covers and more original music, but that’s just my opinion.

The band is playing at Bar A in Belmar this Thursday, April 23rd. Check them out!

Their debut Grounded EP is great! Get it now on A Clean Getaway!

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