Rocking Under The Radar: Crowd of Voices

Announcing Crowd of Voices

Who would ever think to incorporate a megaphone as a musical instrument? For Michigan based duo, Crowd of Voices, it works to make an astutely eclectic mix of dance, pop, emo, and rock based melodies that you can’t help but latch on to. Their poignant, yet comical lyrics paired with synth pop dance beats and catchy guitar hooks create a sound that is refreshingly unique, witty, and smart.

The band describes themselves as a “…yummy bowl of punch is two liters emo, one pint gangsta-pop, and a splash of 17 people singing in a cement room…” From this description, the band sounds like a fun bunch of guys who love making music and are pretty good at it too.

The band has new downloads available FREE every other Sunday and their debut EP drops on May 29th. Check them out on MySpace now!

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