Tour to Watch Out for: The Secret Valentine Tour with We The Kings, The Maine, The Cab, There For Tomorrow, and VersaEmerge

By: Lauren Campbell

The tour starts February 6th in Richmond,VA and will come to the area on 2/8 at the Chance Complex in Poughkeepsie, NY before ending in Millvale, PA on March 4th.  If being headlined by We the Kings and perennial “The Hills” band The Maine aren’t a big enough draw alone, this tour features two of my new favorite bands of the moment and that should definitely be on your watch list for the next big thing.

The Cab is a pop punk- rock band hailing from Las Vegas.  Their first album, Whisper War, was released this past April and have been called “The Band You Need To Know 2008” by Alternative Press.  There first single was the insanely catchy “One of those Nights” written by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and features vocals by Brendan Urie of Panic at the Disco and  Stump, which is quite fitting since this song and many others off the record sound like the melding of these two fellow label mates with a little ‘NSYNC era JT mixed in.  By now I am sure you have heard their third single, the albums stand out track, which has been hitting the airwaves – the infectious and soulful pop song “Bounce”.  It’s an unapologetic pop song which is reminiscent of boy bands yet has a rock edge.  The album also highlights pop-punk anthems like “High Hopes in Velvet” and “Take My Hand” which will have you continuously rocking out while “Risky Business” will do exactly as the lyrics say and have you “stop asking, keep dancing.”  This is one CD that I actually enjoyed every track with its collection of upbeat songs that are extremely likeable and are sure to be stuck in your head after a few listens. The combination of vocal talent, thoughtful lyrics and impressive melody will leave the listener mesmerized by this new band’s talent all the way ’til the last note.

Watch The Cab’s video “The Bounce” below and check out their music on The Cab - Whisper War

The Cab – Bounce

There For Tomorrow is an extremely talented and cute Florida alternative rock/ emo band.  I first saw this band a few month ago when they were opening for Anberlin and Scary Kids Scaring Kids. I have to say I was blown away by their performance.  I had never heard of this band before but after their amazing, high energy set I was a fan. Aside from their stylish matching suits and perfectly groomed hair, you were held captivated with their strong stage presence and quality songs.  Their self-titled 7 song EP is definitely worth giving a listen. Their sound is far more mature than the crop of pop-punk copycats out there but they consistently exhibit an indelible ear for true pop appeal in their tunes. Their adrenaline filled album opens with swirling guitars, heavy riffs, and vocals which switch between kindness and assertiveness like the opening tracks of “Deadlines” and “Pages” (the bands breakout song).  Their other songs also embrace big, epic choruses and chunky guitars, like the melodic sing-along “Remember When (Used to Be Used to It)”,  the beautiful  “Waiting” with its Piano driven bridge, the biting track “Addiction and Her Name”, and the swirling guitars of their extremely catchy lead single “No More Room To Breathe”.  The EP finally closes with the terrific “Taking Chances” a hard-edged progressive rock track with mincing melodies.  Overall their songs are well crafted with lyrics that are both reflective and relateable with hooks that are extremely catchy.  If you like Anberlin or Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, definitely check out this band. LIsten to them now on There For Tomorrow - There for Tomorrow

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