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My Chemical Romance is looking to do something different for the follow-up album to 2006’s Welcome to the Black Parade. Instead of doing another concept album, they want “to go into it not thinking about a definite story,” lead vocalist Gerard Way recently told “I said that during Parade, but I still think I had something to work out. I think I had to get it out of my system, as far as writing concept records. I had to at least do one more before I stopped doing them.”

This time around MCR wants to capture that “live” feeling. According to Way, “we’ve obviously emulated bands like Queen in trying to get that classic, late 70’s glam sound, and we’ve gone for that at times especially on the last record. But then, when we’re playing this stuff live, it’s ultimately going to get more aggressive, so I think it’d be interesting to hear what the band sounds like recorded at least somewhat in those parameters of a live set.”

At this point there is not a definite time when we will hear new MCR music, but Way’s Umbrella Academy comic series has been green-lit for production this past month so he will continue to stay busy in the future.

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