Oasis at MSG; I was sadly disapointed…

I went to see Oasis at MSG last night and not to be a hater, but they were just not that good. Even the buzz from the mass alcohol I consumed didn't make the show any better. Perhaps its was the fact that I didn't know any of the new stuff or maybe it was our section 400 in the absolute last row seating that made it bad. The crowd didn't really look that into it the show either. I was very suprised. Maybe everyone was expecting old Oasis jams and were sadly disappointed. We didn't feel like getting stuck in the mass exodus after the encore, so we left after they played "Wonderwall." Overall, the show was bad; they didn't talk at all and when they did speak, it was inaudible. I like to be entertained when I go to see bands live and last night I was clearly not. Despite the show kind of sucking, the people I went to see the show were a lot of fun and I had a good time. 

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