My Thoughts on the American Music Awards

Kanye get over yourself

Billy Ray Cyrus you need a make over, what’s with the fu man chu or whatever the chin pubs are called.
Is it unfair to say country should be excluded from the AMA’s?  Don’t they have their own show?
Why does Alicia Keys always look so crazy?  What is up with the stone hanging from her hair on her forehead?
Mariah always has some guy helping her down the steps because her heels are too high and her dress is too long and tight for her to get down on her own.
Mariah surpasses Elvis!  In your face Kanye.
Taylor Swift won her first AMA!
Rihanna bet out Mariah and Alicia!  Awesome!
Enrique looks totally weird without his mole.
Kanye, it was tough to beat out Lil Wayne and Flo Rida but I guess you deserve it.
Are the Jonas Brothers really ‘break through’ artist?  I know this was their first win and they have a lot of tween fans but they been around for a while.
Justin Timberlake, so hot….
Rihanna wtf is up with the eye patch??
Motley Crew needs a makeover!  All these rock starts in their 50’s and 60’s start to look the same.  They need to do something different.
What’s up with Daughtry’s band members?  They seem so close but they weren’t on American Idol?  Are they his friends from home?
Sarah and Pink are so good together…..
Chris Brown won Artist of the Year and didn’t even hug Rihanna who was sitting right next to him, hmm.
I could do without the Opera singer, I was just waiting for Natasha Bedingfield to join Alicia Keys and Queen Latifah to complete the horrendous performance.

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