Who Wants to Work when You Can Stalk New Kids on the Block

So you may think I’m crazy, but yes, I did take off today in order to try and meet New Kids on the Block. It must be the nostalgia in the air that takes us back to the late 80’s when they were huge superstars. I just can’t get enough of them and want to meet them so badly. I didn’t actually have tickets to see them at Madison Square Garden, but I live close enough to NY that its not a big deal to just go into the city for a day.

My sisters and I had planned this since last month when had almost gotten to meet them at the Borgata. We had run in to Zach, but we missed seeing any of the New Kids aside from Danny walking through the casino with his kids and Donny and Joey at the Mix where it was a crazy fan fest.

So we got to MSG really early in the morning and found that there were 3 other people waiting. I asked them how long they had been there and if they had any information. They seemed a bit standoffish. I don’t know if it’s because they weren’t willing to spill the beans or I was just so excited I was badgering them to a point. Despite my crazy demeanor, they told me that they had been there a half hour and didn’t really have any information. Basically, they didn’t know when the New Kids were coming and if they were coming by bus or by car.

To make a long story short we were there for about 12 hours and I can’t believe I actually did this. At one point we saw Crunchy Kevin go in and out, but he went by so fast I didn’t have time to think of anything to  say besides “hi.” It probably wouldn’t of mattered because he can’t tell us anything anyway.

A little after two there was some guy who came up with a camera, definitely a paparazzi because he didn’t seem to be a fan and he had said “they’re on their way.” He must have been at the hotel they were staying at becuase sure enough a few minutes later a black truck pulled up and they were inside. We caught a glimpse of Zach’s hair and realized that was definitely them. As the sun shone down on the car we could see Jordan in the back and we waived as the car pulled into the underground lot.

It was kind of a bummer that they didn’t get out of the car stop. We were hoping that they would come back, but we could only wait so long. At about 3:40 or so we gave up and decided to leave. It wasn’t really worth waiting anymore. I’m kind of disappointed but I’m glad that I did it because If i didn’t try we would have not known what would of had happened.

We have one more chance to score some face time, another round at Atlantic City. Hopefully, this time we will hit the jackpot. This is so crazy…i don’t know why we’re so obsessed with meeting them..ha

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