Just Surrender School of Rock Show

Last night I went to see Just Surrender at the School of Rock in South Hackensack NJ.The show had four other bands opening, For the Foxes, Hart Attack, The Morning Of, and The Higher. I really enjoyed this show. For The Foxes had a mellefluous singer, Nicki Vox who’s voice complemented the catchy electronic and folky pop music. Hart Attack was a pretty cool rock band that was reminiscent of classic bands like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. They were were actually students of the school. The only downfall  was the fact that the lead singer, Geena Lucibello was a little drowned out by the music. Aside from that they were all very talented and accomplished musicans for being so young. The Morning Of I liked a lot. I was very entertained by the stage presence of lead singers, Jessica Leplon and Justin Wiley. Their different mix of vocals along with the piano-led emo/pop/rock melodies was fun and entertaining. The fourth band, The Higher had a pop/rock sound with infusions of R&B and dancable beats. The lead vocalist, Seth Trotter, had a really good voice which reminded me of Something Corporate’s Andrew McMahon on songs such as “Fire.” I was really excited to see Just Surrender after listening to them on myspace. Seeing them live was awesome. Jason Maffuci has a really good voice having the right balance of singing and screaming. Maffuci works with the other vocalist, Dan Simons to create the perfect blend of pop/punk/post hardcore. I really enjoyed their peformance.

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