Perez Hilton’s "One Night In New York City"


Friday night Perez Hilton’s put on “One Night in New York City,” a CMJ music event the Highline Ballroom and I was lucky enough to attend. This event had an eclectic mix of music performance and Deejay sets by Doug Grayson.

The show started around 11p.m. with a performance by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Sharon Jones has great stage presence and I really enjoyed the funk/soul sounds of this band.

Sharon Jones and the Dapp Kings

The next band that came on was Yo Majesty. Although I hate to bash anyone, I must say that this group was really not good. The music itself had a good beat but unfortunately, it was drowned out by the rapping of the two female MC’s. The only interesting thing about them was they had these two guy dancers on the side which were entertaining.

Yo Majesty Dancer

Next up was the glam/rock band Semi Precious Weapons. This band really rocked. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance by the lead singer Justin Tranter. The band was really good and he bassist especially rocked out. Some of the songs they played were “Magnetic Baby” and “and “Semi Precious Weapsons.” It was fun watching Perez on the side of the stage really enjoying them perform. He was really into it. They reminded us of David Bowie.

Semi Precious Weapons

At around 2 a.m. the wait was finally over and Lady GaGa took the stage. She came out in a futuristic white dress and a long blonde wig. Although the set was short, it was really good. She sang “Beautiful, Dirty Rich,” “Poker Face” and a few other songs that I didn’t know. At on point in the show she took off the bottom part of her skirt to reveal gray panties. It was weird because they were kind of ugly just to have as part of her costume. She finished with “Just Dance.”

Lady Gaga

The performance was awesome. I think she is going to be really big! Check out her CD, The Fame when it comes out next Tuesday, the 28th.

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