US Weekly Hot Hollywood Party

Tonight I went to the US Weekly Hot Hollywood party at Skylight on Hudson Street in NYC. I was looking forward to this event since I got the invite last week.

The party started at 8p.m. and it was going to be a star studded event. As I arrived at the venue, all the paparazzi were lined up on the blue carpet and celebrities filtered their way into the room. I tried to see who was on the carpet, but I couldn’t see through all the cameramen.

Since I couldn’t distinguish who was exactly on the carpet I got on line to get inside. Upon walking in, the space looked great. The color scheme was purple and there were all these really big black chandeliers. We walked down a long hallway and saw the celebrity entrance door. At that point no one had come in yet. Next to the doorway there was the swag room. I was trying to see exactly what was inside the room, but I couldn’t. There seemed to be stack of items but I couldn’t distinguish exactly what it was.

We decided to do a lap before committing to a location. Then went to grab a complimentary drink thanks to the vodka sponsor Ciroc. They had special cocktails featuring pomegranate and lemon drop. They were delicious.

After a while the celebrities started to filter in. A few of them I did not recognize but then I some one had pointed out that Ne-Yo was up on one of the VIP areas. We had then walked around looking to see who else was filtering in. By the bathroom there were two women who were giving hand massages and nail polish courtesy of Hershey.

While waiting for my friend to be done I had spotted club kid and designed of Heatherette, Richie Rich. He walked by with his swag bag and looked like he was wearing the same outfit that he was when I saw him at the New Kids on the Block concert in Atlantic City.

When we came back into the main room we saw that Ne-Yo was taking pictures with some people so we decided to ask for one too. As we were waiting for the guy to take our picture we were hugged up on him and i was really excited. I told him that I really liked the song he did with NKOTB and all his other music. He was really nice.

We heard rumors that the cast of Gossip Girl would be at the party, however the one person that we saw was Matthew Settle, who plays Rufus on the CW series. He looked like he was having a good time bouncing around the elevated couch area.

Some of the other celebrities we saw were Whitney Port of the The Hills who was accompanied by a really hot guy who may have been her boyfriend.

Whitney Port

We also saw for a split second Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. They came in sat down and then raced out. We didn’t know if the celebrities were leaving for the VIP area or if they just came to get their swag and leave.2008_1021USWHHP0006

Apparently, Gavin Rossdale was there too but I missed seeing him and I was really bummed. We stayed there as long as we could to see if we could catch a glimpse of Rossdale, or any of the Gossip Girl cast, but unfortunately, it was Tuesday and our feet were getting tired so we decided to get our gift bags and be on our way. Of course we stopped to take a pic outside the red carpet. All in all, it was a pretty awesome event.

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