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Before they performed on TODAY, NKOTB stopped by the US Weekly office for a luncheon and interview. I was lucky enough to get an invitation to sit in on the action. As a fan of the group, I jumped at the chance. Being able to be in the same room as my prepubescent crushes made my inner child swoon.

Around 12:30 we all assembled into the luncheon room in the Rolling Stone/US Weekly offices. I was so excited to see Jordan, Joey, Donny, Danny, and Jon back together again, that it seemed like an eternity waiting for them to arrive. As they entered, huge smiles grew across their faces when they saw the explosion of applause and screams from everyone. Joey entered first and started pumping his hand in the air like he was pulling a truck horn. Next was Donny, Jordan, and Donny entered. Jon still shy came slowly in the side. Looking at them, after all these years they still looked hot.

After filtering in, some of them went to sit down, While Donny who seemed as energetic as he normally was walked around talking to all the girls taking pictures, and talking to their fans on the other side of the room. I was sitting at the time and was eager to get up and try to get a picture, but I was taken aback by the time i got up to take a picture there were so many people in the room it was hard to get around.

After a few minutes, everyone settled down and grabbed their appropriate seats. Jordan and Joey were sitting a few feet away. Jon and Donny had their back to us, unfortunately. On the right side of Donny was Danny.

The interview was really cool. You could see that they were really happy to be back and they seemed exactly the same. Donny was the most talkative answering the most questions. Looking at them they didn’t look like they’ve been apart for 15 years.

They talked about the old days and I found out some things that I didn’t really know about the band. They talked about all the New Kids paraphernalia and how a lot of them didn’t really like it. I was surprised to learn that they almost had a breakfast cereal named after them, but they said that was where they drove the line.

Donny talked about how they were constantly pursued to have a reunion, but all the times it wasn’t for the right reasons because it was other people who wanted them to get back together. They wanted to get back together because they thought it was the right time for them.

They also talked about style and asked what was up with the picture where is wearing only overalls and no shirt. They also asked about the big hair. The band defended them selves by saying how it was the 80s and every one had big hair. It was great. Joey also talked about how he looks back at pictures and sees himself wearing a ring on every finger and he doesn’t know why. It was really funny. Then there was one time when he was wearing this black hat with a wide white band on the American Music Awards and the thought he looked so good, but now he realizes he didn’t.

It was really interesting to hear about the experiences they had. They talked about how they weren’t really out and about in young Hollywood back then. They said that they had a small scope of things and their families made them grounded. Joey talked about one time when he was hanging out playing pool with Prince and Edie Murray. He said that Prince didn’t say one word except asking him how Rio was because it was the time that they got back from playing there.

The interviewer asked if anyone had questions and this one girl who was sitting near Jon said she wanted to hear him speak and find out how he felt about performing after all these years. At first, he had a one-word answer but then went on to say that it was a little hard getting back into the groove and he needed to practice. She wanted to know what they were going to be singing on TODAY and was about to tell her but then the rest of the group said it was going to be a surprise. Donny then whispered in Jon’s ear and Jon said something about the 5th amendment rights.

After the interview ended we were eager to try and get a picture with them, but so did everyone else. Luckily, they had us all lineup and everyone got a picture with the band. My friend Erin went first and I held her bag for her. The picture was taken quickly and then it was my turn. I went to give Erin her stuff, but then she didn’t hear me. I had put my hand out to give it to her but for some reason Donny took it and that is why he’s holding a bag in the picture. Haha!

It will be a day I will never forget. Thanks US Weekly!

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