Details Magazine Hosts Closing Night Party At Stoli Hotel With Matt White

Last night some friends and I went to the closing party at the Stoli Hotel in NYC. The party was hosted by DSquared Details Magazine and featured a performance by Matt White. The event was the end of a week-long series of media parties that Stoli set up in conjunction with various magazines and other media companies. The venue was a large warehouse transformed into a Stoli hotel complete with beds and a spa.

As you walked into the venue there were three bars. One upfront with all the different Stoli bottles encased in glass. Model/Bartenders were serving up various Stoli cocktails that tasted delicious. Towards the back, there was a smaller bar that was shaped like a crown and held two girls making other cocktails. Behind the bar was a deejay booth and to the right of that, there was a stage set up for the performance of Matt White.

When you went to the left there was another huge room with small red cushions and tables where various people were socializing. Behind these were four “hotel suites” which featured a different type of Stoli and were decorated in the color of that bottle. There was a purple room, a white room, an orange room, and a blue room. Each of the rooms featured the Stoli bottles encased in glass. The entire room had the same color accents on every piece of furniture. Each room featured beds and sofas to sit on while partying.

To the back, there was the Stoli Spa which guests could get spa treatments such as back massages. You had to get there early otherwise all the appointments were taken up.

As we waited for the performance to begin, I was eager to see the show. The music was good, not to mention he was pretty hot. It reminded me of John Mayer meets Dave Matthews. It was mellow and fun. One of his songs, “Love” was featured in the movie What Happens In Vegas, which is why it sounded familiar to me. I was also listening to some of his other songs on myspace and “I’ll Be There” I have definitely heard before. I really like this guy…check out his page on MySpace.

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