Juliana Madrid Brings Sweet Sounds to Mercury Lounge

Dallas Musician Juliana Madrid playing guitar at her show at the Mercury Lounge in NYC on Tuesday, may 2nd. | Show reviews | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
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You would have thought it was a Friday night with the line that formed outside NYC’s Mercury Lounge. However, the sun was still shining that early evening Tuesday, May 2nd. Fans anxiously awaited so they had a chance to see the opening act of the early show that night.

Around 6 pm the doors finally opened and the crowd was able to get inside and secure their place in the venue.

Walking in I got memories of all the shows I used to see at Mercury Lounge. It’s been about 10 years since I saw a show at the venue. I’m glad to say that it’s like time has stood still.

For anyone unfamiliar with this venue, it is a small and very intimate place. Upon entering you walk into a narrow bar that opens up to a pretty decent size room that can hold about 250 people.

There are seats that line the sides so you can grab a seat if you get there early enough to claim a spot. The room was dark with lights strung along the ceiling and there was an air freshener that was being wafted throughout the room. Not one of those stinky strong chemical-smelling air fresheners but something so fragrant and inviting it created this awesome calmness that would only be surpassed by the soothing tones of Madrid’s set

At promptly 6:30 Juliana Madrid took the stage wearing a long dark blue prom dress that complimented her short dark hair and olive skin. She had a guitar and a sign next to her that had her name on it which I thought was very clever and good marketing.

As I anticipated the emergence of a band to accompany her performance, I was taken aback by the realization that she stood alone on stage, armed only with her guitar and a recording of her backing tracks.

However, that was all she needed. 

Despite her quiet demeanor she rocked out with high energy and left a profound impact on the audience throughout the set.

Her set was short but impactful. Rounding out to about 20 or 30 minutes she played a majority of tracks off her self-titled album including “Madonna,” “Savior,” “Peppermint,” and “Pretend” which you may know from Netflix’s Do Revenge. 

She also delighted fans with her new tracks “Afterlife and “Big Plans.” 

Her music is a unique blend of high energy and serene calmness that captivates the listener. With melodic indie-electro alt-rock, she washes over you, making you feel like everything will be alright. Her songs are a rollercoaster of emotions, evoking feelings that range from tears to laughter and even the urge to dance.

If you can get a chance please see Juliana Madrid you will be pleased you did. For more information check out her InstagramTiktok, and Twitter pages. Listen to her music now on Amazon.

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