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Members of the los angeles band Rivals says the words "Dark Matter" | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Photo by Kyle Bertrand
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Los Angeles band Rivals released a video for their latest track “Dark Matter” this week and we are loving it!

With just a few notes I fell in love with this track. It opens with gritty and intense guitar melodies which stir up all kinds of emotions. All it takes are a few vocals from Kalie Wolfe to get you super hooked on this track.

The video that accompanies the single is a sultry and powerful vignette that features Wolfe driving through the night and sitting in a dark church only lit by a green lighted crucifix. It is a great compliment to the poetic and inspirational lyrics so eloquently belted out by Wolfe.

The song signifies a new chapter for RIVALS and was inspired by Wolfe’s perseverance as an independent, female artist, embracing her powerful femme energy every time she falls, to only get back up stronger. Wolfe elaborates:

“Were independent now, no label, no backing, just us and some bitchen ladies to push us through (our booking agent Ashely Ventura and our PR rep Steph Maksimow). ‘Dark Matter’ is our restart, our refresh of us and who we are…it’s a song I wrote about just being a complete badass against all odds, a song about slipping but recovering. Also, a little nod at our bae Ariana Grande, if god is a woman, well then so is the devil <3.”

Rivals is a band that should be on your radar. They not only rock hard with such much passion and feeling but also have some serious and thoughtful lyrics.

Watch below and for more information check out their official websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram page. If you want to experience Rivals live check them out in Brooklyn at The Kingsland next Friday, April 15th, 2022. See this and more dates here.

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