Episode 26: Dan Bauer: A Genre-Less Artist with Hooking Chords and Vocals

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Today on the podcast we are featuring the New Hampshire-based multi-instrumental singer-songwriter and producer Dan Bauer. Learn more about him and listen to his track “Magic When It Comes Together.”.”

Show Notes and Full Show Transcript

Hey everyone welcome to the Eat Sleep Breathe Music podcast. I am your host Jeanette Kimszal and I am here today talking about the New Hampshire-based artist Dan Bauer. 

So Dan was nice enough to send me his music to listen to and he had one song in particular that he was featured at this point and it was called “Magic When It Comes Together.” and this was the song that I am going to feature in a little bit. 

But by the time this comes out he will actually have the third single off his upcoming LP out this year 2022. 

So if you do like Dan’s music and are looking for more stuff he will have a 3rd single out by the time this podcast releases. The song is called “U.G.L.Y” which comes out on February 8th I think. Which I am interested in hearing as well.

When I do these episodes I like to try and find information about the artists and listen to their music. I saw that Dan had a lot of music on Spotify and Bandcamp. His releases include an EP from 2017 along with two full albums in 2018 and 2020. 

It also looks like he had another release in 2021. So he’s been busy making music for quite some time now. 

I took a quick listen to some of his tracks and I have to say that thing that I really like about his music is his distinct vocals. 

His voice and his vocals. Another thing that interested me was his singing voice was the same as his speaking voice. Some artists sound different when they sing but he sounded the same when he sang and talk.

Which I found interesting. Doing a little bit more research I saw at one point he was also a hip-hop artist. I think he…it said something funny like  “a former rapper but we don’t have to talk about that” in his Instagram profile which was funny

And I was curious so I actually went to Youtube and started listening to some of his hip hop tracks or rap tracks. And it’s interesting because his voice when he raps sounds different from when he sings.

And I mean, I guess that’s typical but I just thought it was just interesting how everything sounds different.

Just going back to talk a little bit about dan himself so he is basically a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter and producer. He seems to not be tied to any particular genre.

He refers to himself as a genre-less artist with an unorthodox described only as “Elton John compositions meet Flaming Lips production written by a guy who’s in love with The Beach Boys.”

He has said inspiration also comes from artists like David Bowie and Arcade Fire. The benefit of not tying yourself to any particular genre allows for a wide musical range which you can hear in his music.

Getting back to the track at hand. I was instantly charmed by the progression of the song. I really liked out it kind of tricks the listener into thinking that it’s going to be a slow ballad. 

It starts out with acoustic chords but then after a few chords, it breaks into a high-energy fast-paced tune.

It just makes it really exciting and fun. It amps up the energy and starts to rock out.

The lyrics set in and they are these heartfelt lyrics about being in that place where you don’t know if your relationship will succeed but you hope things will be like the movies and have a happy ending. 

And it’s kind of a cool contrast because it’s such happy vibes and good times. But then the lyrics are heartfelt and almost sad to a degree. 

So it’s kind of an interesting concept of making a song that’s happy but also sad.

I tend to be drawn to these types of songs. There is something about these fast-paced pop rock emo types of songs that really get to me. I don’t know what it is but I’m a sucker for all of them and I’m really get sucked into the melodic hook fast-paced guitars, the drums, all that stuff (laughing). 

I don’t know why it’s just something I’m really into and I think that is why I’m also really digging this song.

It has a lot of entertaining elements to it and that’s what makes it a standout track in my mind. Dan Bauer has a unique musical and vocal sound which gives it a new take on your traditional rock song. 

So enough about me gushing over this song. Now I’m going to give you the chance to listen to the track “Magic When It Comes Together.” It is off his upcoming LP entitled “Love, Dan” it is said to release late spring 2022.

For more information on Dan check out his official website at www.danbauermusic.com. That is D-a-n-B-a-u-e-r-M-u-s-i-c.com. You can also like and follow him on Facebook, and Instagram at the handle DanBauerMusic. That is  D-a-n-B-a-u-e-r-M-u-s-i-c.

If you are looking for more new music be sure to subscribe to our podcast so you will get the latest updates on our artist features. You can also find more music features on our website at www.EatSleepBreatheMusic.com. That is E-a-t-S-l-e-e-p-B-r-e-a-t-h-e-M-u-s-i-c dot com. 

Thanks for listening. See you in the next episode!

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