Episode 18: Jobbaloon: Sonically Entertaining with Emotive Melodies and Vocals

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Episode 18: Jobbaloon: Sonically Entertaining with Emotive Melodies and Vocals

Today on the podcast we are featuring the Detroit-based Psych Pop/Indie Rock duo Jobbaloon (pronounced ‘JAH-BALLOON’) learn more about them and listen to their track “Baby Blue.” 

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Just popping in to give you guys a heads up.  This podcast contains paid promotional content. That means we were compensated for the feature. All opinions are our own and we only choose to represent music that we truly dig.

Today on the podcast we are featuring the Detroit-based Psych Pop/Indie Rock duo Jobbaloon 

Jobbaloon (pronounced ‘JAH-BALLOON’) learn more about them and listen to their track “Baby Blue.” 

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Eat Sleep Breathe Music podcast. I am your host Jeanette and I am excited to chat with you today about the Detroit duo Jobbaloon (pronounced ‘JAH-BALLOON’).

So for anyone who is unfamiliar with the podcast and this may be your first time listening what we do here is isten to new music and different artists and then we talk about their background and give a little review and thought and what we think of the track. Or what I think fo the track cause I”m just one person here and then we play the song and then I’d love to know what you think. 

Today as I said we are talking about the Detroit duo Jobbaloon (pronounced ‘JAH-BALLOON’) and I’m gonna give you a little background on who they are right now.

Jobbaloon (pronounced ‘JAH-BALLOON’) consists of Joshua Achatz and Justin Squires. Justin Squires is a producer and Joshua Achatz is a writer/producer/guitarist/pianist/singer). The two of them come together to create Jobbaloon.

Their music combines psychedelica melded with riffs of indie, alternative, and pop rock. So they could probably be described as someone who would appeal to a wider audience. Where if someone is not really into psychedelic music they might be into a band that is fullyfledged pyschedlic but I would Jobbaloon is not necessary fully psychadelic. They do have influences of psychedlia as well as pop. 

I would say their music has an upbeat feel. It also conveys a lot of emotion. This is actually the 2nd track that I’ve heard from them. The first one that I have heard was called “Days” and that one I would say is a little bit more upbeat than this track. This track is still upbeat but there is that kind of like not really a solemn feel to but also you know it’s not as a happy go lucky sounding as “Days.”

That is kind of the nice thing about this band is their do have a lot of variation in their music sounds. Both of these tracks aff off their latest release called The Invitation.

I was doing some research online to get more information on the band and I came across a bunch of reviews that were talking about how. They compared this band to the likes of Incubus and there was one particular song that they said had that early 2000’s rock band feel especially sounding like Hoobastank’s Doug Robb and Brandon Boyd from Incubus.

And I haven’t listened to either Hoobastank or Incubus in a little while so I was kind of  unsure of that. I didn’t really feel that when I listend to this song.

It wasn’t the first thing that brought to my mind and then I went back and listened to Incubus and Hoobastank. I mean Hoobastank did kind of sound like Incubus so I went back to listen to both of them and you know I actaully could see that feel. There was definately that type of you know similarity within this particular song baby blue. Which was kind of interesting.

And I wonder if it’s really there or if maybe I was reading it  and was thinking it when I was thinking it when I was listening to Incubus (laughing) again  I don’t know. I’d love to know what you think. If you listen to this song if you feel that Incubus/Hoobastank vibe and sound to it. 

Regardless of that, the song is good. And Achatz a pretty awesome vocal, vocaling style. I like his kind of crooning and that brooding voice. He definately has a that nice like complement to the music. 

This. The music is a little bit like not of a downer but has some piano beats that are like kind of going and his vocaling styles kind of pair nicely with that.

The song is pretty short. It’s only about a minute and 56 seconds but it does pack a lot of power and pack a lot of emotion within that short time frame. Even from the  opening lyr the song opens with Achatz just kind of singing and theres, the vocals start and you know he. The piano comes in and it’s very powerful.

Listening to those opening lines you can hear the sadness and heartbreak in his voice and I think it also showcaes his vocal abilities.

I also like the instrumentation in this song. Towards the end there is a culmination the different instruments and you can hear the piano and you can hear the guitar. And some of them I cannot actually distinguish. I think I need to listen to it a couple more times but I do like how everything culminates at a couple parts and it’s just like this beautiful harmony.

This song has a lot of layers to it. The first time I listened I got the feel of the piano and then the second time when after listening to Incubus (laughing) I got the sound of Incubus and then the third time I’m listening to it there is this bluesy kind of not angst but kind of sassiness too it and kind of shows there is a lot to this song.

You know, even being such a short track there’s a lot packed in.

From reading their bio they seem like they are pretty funny guys themselves. They joke about how they want to emulate others for commercial success and also they’ll bash the music industry but they also you fully prepared to do whatever they can to get a music contract. So it seems like they don’t take themselves too seriously and are pretty funny. 

There goal is to kind of give their fans a show. They often defin themselves as an audio-visual experience not just a band. You know, they really want to transcend the listening experience.

According to the band their goal is to create a full-on psychadelic experience complete with trippy video, projection, smoke, lights, confetti, etc. 

You know they want it to be not your typical, lackluster, local show, but something that is in-your-face, grabbing your attention, and hard to look away from.”

It definately sounds like an interesting show and from what I’ve read it sounds like they are a fun band to see live.

If you are looking for other musical comparisons they have been recommend if you are interested in the bands RadioHead, Billie Eilish, and Imagine Dragons.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this band and their track “Baby Blue.” There music is sonically entertaining and enlightening. I really enjoyed the jazzy, piano, blues, sassy sounds.

I would love to know what you think. So what I’m gonna do now is I’ll play the track for you.

So here is “Baby Blue” by Jobbaloon.

For more information on Jobbaloon (pronounced ‘JAH-BALLOON’) you can check out their official website www.jobbaloon.net. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at the handle jobbaloonmusic. Get Jabbaloon’s music now on Amazon.

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Thanks for listening and see you in the next episode!

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