Song of the Day: “Everything/Nothing” by Simone

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Today’s song is “Everything/Nothing” by Simone. Born and raised in New York City, Simone first fell in love with Broadway as a youngster.

By the age of ten, she’d already appeared in a slew of musicals, and by the time she hit middle school, she was writing her own songs and performing regularly at New York open mic nights, such as Sidewalk Cafe. It was at one of those early performances that Simone caught the attention of a New York-based producer, and soon she found herself recording in a proper studio and making waves across Spotify and social media.

With a mix of mesmerizing performance clips and down-to-earth, straight-to-camera videos documenting daily life, she quickly went viral on TikTok, racking up millions of likes from fans around the world who could relate to both her unabashed ambition and dry, self-deprecating sense of humor.

At 10 years old, her worldview opened up to become a performer when she sang two self-written songs at an open mic in Nashville, TN. Needless to say that from an early age, New York-based Simone has set her vision on sharing her love for music.

This is the third single from the 16-year old artist’s upcoming Pure Pop Love Lessons EP due out this summer. This track comes out on the heels of her songs “Kissing Strangers” and “Boy of My Dreams” out earlier this year.

Simone has a cinematic eye in her writing that captures the rough edges of modern relationships in vivid details. This song is the tale of young love and all the frustration that comes with it. It offers the platitudes of a relationship from inception to end. Simone explains,

“Everything/nothing,” tells a story about a young love from its beginning to its end. In the chorus, I play with the clichés of teen romance by contrasting them with the anxiety and pain that comes along with it. On the surface, the song is a classic love story, but there are a lot of underlying messages about the pressure and confusion that comes with being a teenager.”

Simone’s music has a sweet indie electropop. She reminds me of a female Jack Antonoff with her mix of brutally honest lyrics and can’t get out of your head melodies you will feel like you’re going through the relationship along with her.

Listen below and for more information check out her Is This Thing On? Podcast, official website, Twitter, and TikTok pages.

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