Song of the Day: “Push It” by 3D the Boss

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Today’s song is “Push It” by 3D the Boss. The Atlanta-based group is comprised of Saint Day (visionary/choreographer/writer/producer), C Lei Boss Lady (vocalist/keyboards/writer/producer), and Lady Bass (musical Director/bass guitar/background vocals).

Music can often move you. 3D the Boss has combined their fitness backgrounds with musical talents to create a health and fitness pop band. This trio is the flagship artist, spokesperson, and role model of The YourDay Balance Game, a subsidiary of YDBG Inc, which is a lifestyle brand that promotes health, fitness, balance, and love.

They have a three-dimensional approach that addresses issues of unhealthy self-image, unconscious messaging, and imbalanced role models.

When it comes to music styles they have a 70’s and 80’s funk feel with some R&B inspirations. They add in a twinge of pop and electro melodies for good measure to create a fiercely exciting and upbeat sound.

Visionary Saint Day Adeogba calls it, “music to raise your frequency to a higher level.”

This song is the title track off their debut full-length album out now on all platforms. This music will get you moving and grooving. It brings the fun with its upbeat melodies that showcase musical prowess and powerful vocals.

The music not only sounds good but also has a positive message. iIts promotion of self-love, purposeful living, and passionate pursuits may offer a way to find balance in your own life.

Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

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