Song of the Day: “Days” by Jobbaloon

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Today’s song is “Days” by Jobbaloon. Pronounced ‘JAH-BALLOON’). Hailing from Detroit, Michigan this group consists of Joshua Achatz (writer/producer/guitarist/pianist/singer) and Justin Squires (producer).

The duo dabbles in metaphysical philosophies, psychedelic stage treatments, and a self-deprecating sense of humor that results in some cool tunes.

Their sound falls somewhere between the Beatles’ psychedelic era, and Billie Eilish with music that comes from the heart held at utmost importance.

When talking about the writing process Jobbaloon says,

“The writing process is a cathartic, healing, and liberating experience for us, and the hope is other people will have the same experience listening to the songs. If the process is enjoyed, that should translate into an enjoyable end-product.

They also pride themselves on their live shows calling them an audio-visual experience that transcends the experiencer from the perceived boundaries of everyday reality into the ultimate realm of limitless oneness. They work hard to make a great show for the audience, saying,

“We put a ton of work into our live show, to make it as engaging as possible. We wanted to create a full-on psychedelic experience, beyond just music, complete with trippy video projection, smoke, lights, confetti, etc. I desperately didn’t want it to be a typical, lackluster, local show, but to be grabbing and in-your-face and hard to look away from.”

Their music is a sonically enlightening experience. It laces indie-rock with psychedelic pop melodies for a hand-clapping good time. This track is off their album The Invitation available now.

Listen below and for more information check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Get Jabbaloon’s music now on Amazon.

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