Song of the Day: “Vintage Tears” by Nancy Wenstrom

Song of the Day Vintage Tears by Nancy Wenstrom
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Today’s song is “Vintage Tears” by Nancy Wenstrom. The Freemont, California-based Americana and blues rock artist offers a treat to listeners with this new song.

Wenstrom was raised on blues and rock n’ roll. These genres have influenced her music and passion for playing the electric guitar. Life experiences have also inspired her. Growing up as a military brat, Wenstrom was moving around a lot. She also leads the transient life as a working musician. These lyrical themes have also been woven into her music. She says,

“lyrically, there seems to be the thread of letting go.   I grew up moving a lot due to my father being in the military, and in my adult life I experienced the transient life as a working musician.  Musically, the album contains a deep influence of the blues and rock & roll I was raised on, which inspired me to play the electric guitar and write my own songs. “

The song is about letting go and the relief that happens after having a good cry. Nancy says the song was inspired by a text message from a friend who was having some relationship issues.

My newest release, Vintage Tears, was inspired when texting with a friend about his situation with a woman who cared more for him than he did for her. We came up with the lyric idea of a storm that starts brewing when one has the realization that a love affair isn’t going to work out. The song is about the moment one faces these fears, and then the acceptance signified by the release of tears that have been stored up a long time. In my own life experience this acceptance was the beginning of healing for me. Charles Dickens called it being ‘blessed with the relief of tears’ (Tale of Two Cities). So, as dark as it may seem, tears do bring relief.  The sun that comes out at the end of the video signifies better times ahead, the benefit of letting go of things that aren’t working.  

The track is off her upcoming album, Inside Story, and is accompanied by a lyric video that brings to life her powerful lyrical metaphors.

A sad song never sounded so good. Wenstrom creates some mean country blues with sweet melodies and witty lyrics on this track.

Listen below and for more information on Nancy check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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