Song of the Day: “Casting You Out” by Keen Garrity

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Today’s song is “Casting You Out” by Keen Garrity. This singer, songwriter, and producer hails from Toledo, OH by way of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Her music has been described as storybook pop-rock. This track is off her debut album Get Big which is available now on her Bandcamp page.

Garrity says there is a lot of storytelling in this and other tracks on the album. “The word I always come back to is “storybookish.” Each song on Get Big is about a creature or character, and there’s a little story around each one. But there’s a common theme: all of these songs are about creating a mythology of the self, about flaring your ego out when you’re faced with a situation that makes you feel insignificant.

So, it’s fanciful and (somewhat obnoxiously) high-concept, but it’s my hope that it’s also fun, listenable, and relatable.”

Garrity has a way with music and lyrics that is simply irresistible. The song opens with some big rock beats with a country twang that can appeal to even non-country fans. This track is especially endearing due to her knack for creating a portrait envisioned by the listener.

If you’re not taken by the exciting melodies you can’t help but get swept into the ominously infectious refrains.

Keen Garrity’s could be of interest to fans of Neko Case, St. Vincent and Bonnie Prince Billy.

Listen below and for more information on Keen Garrity check out her official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

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