Joe Barksdale Announces #MoonbeamMusicMonday

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Austin-based, acclaimed indie rock/electric soul/R&B artist and  NFL vet, Joe Barksdale announced #MoonbeamMusicMonday, a weekly single release series as part of a multi-album project for 2021. Named after the single “Moonbeam” from his 2020 EP, Sincerely

#MoonBeamMusicMonday is in full swing with four singles out for January (listen below). Taking a different direction from Barksdale’s soulful “Sincerely,”  these tracks are beat-an-production-driven and provide a more in-depth look at the artist Barksdale really is.

This is done by including anecdotes from his early childhood to the present day and sharing these stories and encounters he’s never written about or discussed before. The songs are part of the year’s first quarter of releases, which will culminate on his album  Omari, due out April 2, 2021.  

A former NFL player for the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, and San Diego Chargers,  Barksdale has been featured here on ESBMusic as along with many outlets including American Songwriter,, Pancakes and Whiskey, Austin Monthly, Austin Chronicle, ESPN,  The Los Angeles Times, Fender,  San Diego Tribune, and CBS Sports and more.  

Listen below and for more information check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

About Joe Barksdale

His music is something special, and through his message of love and unity, which is needed now more than ever, he hopes to bring people from various backgrounds and lifestyles together once again.

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Joe Barksdale has always had a love, appreciation, and passion for music. When he was younger, he played both the violin and saxophone, but it wasn’t until 2013 that he picked up a guitar to help cope with a significant loss in his life.

At the time, Joe was in his 3rd season playing with the St. Louis Rams. The guitar came naturally, and just one year later he began playing with some of the best musicians in the city at local blues jams in St. Louis, MO. In 2015 Joe signed with the San Diego Chargers and took his talents to California. Joe continued to hone his skills and in 2016 he started ‘Joe’s Jam Session’ at Humphreys Backstage Live.

Joe loved the feeling of being onstage and appreciated the opportunity to express himself through song. In 2017, Joe decided he wanted to be known as more than just a professional athlete and released his first studio project, Butterflies, Rainbows, & Moonbeams (BRM)Blues Rock Review gave the album 9/10 saying, “The amazing thing about Butterflies, Rainbows,and Moonbeams is the immersive world created by Barksdale. It’s an upbeat world, where funk and blues mingle, and where songs pop into existence, not because they fit within a certain genre, but because they’ll make the listener (and one suspects, the performer) happy. It’s also a world where an NFL tackle manages to create one of the more delightful, sincere records of 2018.”

In 2018, itching to get back in the studio, Joe spent his bye-week recording his second project, Electric Soul, with legendary Narada Michael Walden. Electric Soul was released in April 2019 and Andrea Caccese of described it as “A really perfect example of the artist’s creative vision and musical aesthetics, really hitting the mark with a fantastic tone and a really huge sounding production. The vocal performances really are the cherry on top here. Joe has a passionate voice, which exudes energy and vibe, yet at the same time, it can be up close and personal, revealing multiple sides to his work. This is totally not a black and white release. It’s in full color, and if sound could be described with images, this would be close to a Jackson Pollock painting!”

​In June 2019, Joe announced his retirement from the National Football League in order to pursue music full-time in Austin, TX. When all is said and done, Joe Barksdale will be a household name. His music is something special, and through his message of love and unity, which is needed now more than ever, he hopes to bring people from various backgrounds and lifestyles together once again.

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