Song of the Day: “Heartbreak in the Breakroom” by Mikhail Cazi

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Today’s song is “Heartbreak in the Breakroom” by Mikhail Cazi.

The singer, instrumentalist, and producer hails from Bombay and has been making music from a very early age. Since the tender age of 10 Cazi has been singing and playing guitar.

He started with an interest in pop/rock but today he is expanding his sound with new experimentation that involves various genres including electronic, neo-soul, and indie/rock music.

Cazi draws inspiration from his own life. His music also dives deep into queer themes that are relevant to him as a gay man. He tackles self-expression, freedom, and the idea of a “chosen” family.

QReview recently featured Mikhail for his track “Helena” which will donate all proceeds to COVID-relief funds and relief funds for queer and trans communities.

This latest track was inspired by The Office Ladies podcast. The weekly podcast run by The Office’s Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer. One week they were talking about the episode season three episode 8, “The Merger.” It was gone the Stanford employees come to work at Scranton. Jim was coming back and Pam was super excited. She was waiting for her chance to catch up with Jim but all her efforts were left with a cold response. Fischer called it “heartbreak in the breakroom.”

Fischer went on to say this scene could be a country song. Fischer and Kinsey improvised the lyrics to this song and then invited fans to write a song based on the scene with the words “heartbreak in the breakroom, hunchy, and mom knit me a sexy sweater.”

Cazi took the challenge and created a really awesome track. It features electronica, guitars, and some sweet hilariously, heart-breaking lyrics.

Listen below and for more information check out his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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