Song of the Day: “!Mbedded” by Vocally Inspired People ( V ! P )

VIP Rev & PRyme Two Guys Wearing White Tee Shirts | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Today’s song is “!Mbedded” by Vocally Inspired People ( V ! P ).

The New York duo is made up of Harlem NY’s Vern “ReV” and Briarwood Queens native Pierre “PrYmE.”

Their mothers were childhood friends so it was natural that Rev and PrYme grew up to be as close as brothers. Their shared love of music is what drove them to get into making music.

Today, the duo is crafting a swift and sweet soulful R&B that is all their own. This heartfelt music will catch your ears. Their intriguing melodies and beautiful vocals will make you take notice.

The duo has taken their act on the road with performances at venues including Harlem Tavern, Billies Black, Boss Lounge, and the world-renown Village Underground.

The guys are currently working on their first independent album to be titled !st Th!ngz !st due out later this year.

Listen below and for more information check out his Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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