Song of the Day “Matthew McConaughey” by Noah Dillon

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Today’s song is “Matthew McConaughey” by Noah Dillon The Fremantle, Australia group is composed of Noah Dillon (Vocals,Guitar,Keys), Claudia Genovese (Bass), Jack Hill (Drums), and Sam Rocchi (Guitar).

“Mathew McConaughey” is about changing oneself to better fit a relationship. All hidden within the ‘tongue in cheek’ analogy of me aspiring to be Mathew McConaughey (the famous Texan actor), the song delves into the idea that we often try to bend or change ourselves in order to fit an idealized and unrealistic idea of a partner.

Their vision was to make a song that was unique in its design, accessible in its feel and emotionally cathartic at its core.

Dillon says, “I’ve often felt the pressure to hold a masculine figure and presence in a relationship. This song looks to challenge preconceived ideas of masculinity, suggesting true strength within relationships comes from being honest with your emotions and expression.”

The band creates a whimsical concoction of emotion with their honest lyrics against a backdrop of high energy indie rock and alternative folk. Their music will tickle your funny bone, make you dance, and maybe even cry.

Listen below and for more information check out his Facebook, Bandcamp, and Instagram pages.

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