Song of the Day: “Mud” by D.B. Rouse

D.B. Rouse Laying on the Ground Wearing Sunglasses | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Today’s song is “Mud” by D.B. Rouse. The Milwaukee-based artist has been compared to both Woody Guthrie, Weird Al.

Originally intended as a kids song, what came out instead is a chilling number that crawled out of the desert after a rainstorm.

Rouse describes himself and the inspiration for the song. “I’m an avid reader. I have up to three different books that I’m reading at any given time. I was living in my van in the Kaibab National Forest south of the Grand Canyon where I work seasonally as a professional hobo musician. I was sitting in my van during a rainstorm, watching everything outside turn to mud while reading a book called, ‘The Lunatic’ by Anthony C. Winkler. In it, there’s a character who has, in a way, placed mud as a god-head. The words to my song ‘mud’ poured out of me. It wasn’t the kids song I was aiming to write. But I didn’t try to change it.”

This song is off his upcoming EP. Entitled Nobody it will be out March 6th. This is a darker turn for Rouse, who along with his guitar, affectionately nick-named “Meal-Ticket,” has become known for whimsical songs like “About the Bite Missing From Your Sandwich” from his early-2019 album Choices Were Made. Rouse is even sponsored by a kazoo company

Rouse’s recent music has been praised as humorous, eccentric and truthful by outlets including American Songwriter, Austin American-Statesman, B-Sides and Badlands, and For Folk’s Sake.

This song commands attention with just a few notes. It has a strange and feeling that is eerily inviting.

Listen below and for more information check out his official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

D.B. Rouse | Live
03/01/2020: Terlingua, TX @ El Dorado High Sierra
03/08/2020: Terlingua, TX @ El Dorado High Sierra
03/15/2020: Terlingua, TX @ El Dorado High Sierra
03/20/2020: San Antonio, TX @ Folk Shit Up Festival
03/28/2020: Austin, TX @ Love Goat

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