Song of the Day: “East to West” by Given Names

Today’s song is “East to West” by Given Names. The Brooklyn/Chicago-based group consists of David Raymond (Hidden Hospitals, Damiera) & Jeremy Perez-Cruz (The Still Voice, Sleeping Girl Drowning).

The band takes their years of experience in art, design, and music to craft some harsh, yet complex electro pop with dark and delightful melodies.

The song infuses practices of the Eqygptions saying, “The new track finds inspiration in the Egyptian Predynastic period. A customary practice was to place the dead in a crouched or fetal position in rectangular boxes with their face either towards the east (rising sun) or the west. The song is about someone who has already died and teaching them the rituals of passing from this world to whatever is next.”

Their music has already been getting cred from outlets like Alternative Press, Substream Magazine and AltSounds.

This single is off their upcoming EP2 and was recorded alongside remix artist and producer Villain Lighting (Bleachers).

Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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