Song of the Day: “In Retrograde” by The Mercury Brothers

Today’s song is “In Retrograde” by The Mercury Brothers. The Asbury Park, NJ band consists of Dan Apy (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Luke Mckenna (Drums/Percussion), and Ryan Lascelles (Bass Guitar/Effects).

Ryan lascelles and Dan Apy have been friends pretty much their entire lives and have been playing together as a duo or in bands since childhood. 

The Mercury Brothers formed in early 2015 after meeting our drummer Luke McKenna. All coming from slightly different influences, their musical influences and styles combined and the result is theire 6 song EP In Retrograde. Dan comes from a modern rock/acoustic/singer-songwriter background(he’s the primary song writer and lyricist), Luke has played punk/metal/hardcore is whole life and Ryan is strongly influenced by funk/jazz/ and the Grateful Dead. 

They have been playing live originally sets all over New Jersey since the summer of 2015, however most of their shows are in Asbury Park, and the band can not be happier to be a part of one of the best indie music scenes in the country. Ryan says “the music community here is a family.”

 The Mercury Brothers were nominated for an Asbury Music Award last year for best new single “Bandoliers” which was their only recording until they released the album. They have played all the major venues in Asbury (besides Wonder Bar and House of Independence) and many other New Jersey venues honing their sound  until they were comfortable putting the songs on an EP. The EP was recorded by Joey Papa in Cranford, NJ and mastered by Bruce Tunkel (formerly of Red House).

The power-based trio has a tripping sound that has been turning heads at the jersey shore music scene. This is the title track off the band’s debut EP out now.

Listen below and for more information on the band check out their href=”” target=”_blank”>Facebook page.

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