Song of the Day: “Gonna Do” by Laurel & the Love-In

laurel and the love in
Today’s song is “Gonna Do” by Laurel & the Love-In. The Nashville, Tennessee group is composed of Laurel Sorenson (Lead Vocals/ Keys), Veronica Selby (BGVs), Michael Rasile (Drums), Ian Kendall (Guitar), and John Lattimer (Bass).

The song opens strong with a catchy piano riff then followed by the sultry and in your face vocals of Laurel Sorenson. This track has all the flavor of Nashville, that country twang mixed with a southern blues that hits your soul. 

Topped with love lorn lyrics this song shows Sorensen is a badass independent woman who does what she wants. She’s not a bad piano player either. 

This is the  latest track and was recently featured on The Deli Nashville. “Gonna Do” is off their upcoming record Don’t Love Nobody set to drop on June 24, 2016.
Listen below and for more information on Laurel & The Love-In check out their official website, and Facebook page.

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