Artist of the Month: Motive

Artist of the Month: Motive | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

This month we are excited to feature a band who rocked our world. Motive, the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Seattle quartet is a group who are not only taking the music world by storm but are some snazzy fashionistas turning heads in the fashion industry.

All four members got their musical roots from playing in their high school Jazz band and competing internationally. Nick Wold (vocals/guitar), Chris Bagamery (drums) and Dave Leondi (guitar) all played with Wynton Marsalis and Leondi also performed with Dave Brubeck.

Motive’s catchy, hook-laced songwriting comes from Wold, who is so compelled to create new material that he actually lives in the band’s rehearsal space, submerged in writing.

Their flair for fashion caught the eye of Twelv Magazine who asked the guys to record a Talking Head’s cover for their Jean Paul Gaultier fashion video. Motive also an inspiration for designer Sarah Baker, who fell in love with the band after meeting at a Brooklyn show. Baker kindly offered to design suits for the group and collaborated with local artist Hannah Burgos whom created unique and meaningful hand drawn illustrations which Baker sewed to the inside of each suit. Burgos also created an organ (lungs, heart, liver and esophagus) for each member, which Baker sewed to the center of the suits.

Motive creates music that is rocking, melodic, and catchy as hell. If you’re a fan of The Killers or The Strokes you’re sure to love Motive.
ESBMusic caught up with the band to talk about how they came together, what influences their music, their flair for style, and how Brooklyn compares to Seattle:

ESBM: How did you all come together to form Motive?

Motive: We started playing together after meeting Dave, who was chosen by the NYU sorting hat to share a room with Nick. The rest of us had been playing together for a while, but we needed the fourth man infusion to become a cohesive unit. A garage in Clinton Hill became the breeding ground for songs and ideas, and we just started playing as much as possible.

ESBM: What influences your music?

Motive: We have four distinct tastes in music, which can change from week to week. Combining them brings a lot of eclecticism to our rehearsals. It’s a lot of fun. Aside from musical influences, we noticed during our summer tour that the frenetic pace and stimulus of the different cities and life on the road finds its way into the music – Our output has increased a lot since getting back.

ESBM: How does living in Brooklyn compare with Seattle?

Motive: Energy. While Seattle is waiting out the fog with a bong on the couch, Brooklyn is bundling up and getting shit done. With that said, Seattle is the Betty to Brooklyn’s Veronica – Laid-back, comfortable, compassionate, and not as moody. Although I can’t say I agree with Sam France, either – “You don’t have to be an asshole, you’re not in Brooklyn anymore”. For shame. We’ve been here about seven years, and it’s been great.

ESBM: What’s your next upcoming single?

Motive: We’re headed to the studio to start work on our first full-length, which we couldn’t be more excited about. The single will be selected as we get further into the process…it’s hard to tell right now.

ESBM: You guys have a stylish look, have you always been fashion forward?

Motive: Always. Sonic velcro shoes with lights in the heel. Polo shirt at a catholic private school. Walking on the dirty cuffs of baggy jeans. The suits we wear on stage were made for us by Sarah Baker and Hannah Burgos, some friends of ours. They drew member-specific illustrations in the lining of the suit jacket, with a different vital organ making up the centerpiece of each – Nick is lungs, Chris is heart, Andrew is esophagus and Dave is liver.

ESBM: Any last words?

Motive: Sure. RIP Lou Reed, we never truly knew ye. Measure twice, cut once. If they cheated with you, they’ll cheat on you. Always carry extra hihat clutches, sticks, and guitar strings. When you get hungry on the highway, follow the big trucks – they know where the good chow is. Finally, Thom Yorke for Emperor of the Hemispheres 2014.

For more information on Motive check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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