Artist of the Month: Kelly Blonde

Kelly Blonde is a singer songwriter who hails from Campbell, Ca. Kelly is making a splash on the music scene with her powerful vocals and her charismatic musical charm. She began her career as early three years old singing with her mom and dad’s wedding band. In 2007 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion by studying and graduating from the L.A. Music Academy.

Artist of the Month: Kelly Blonde
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Once she graduated she was hired as a background singer for Columbia Records artist, Coheed And Cambria. During this time she saw the world and honed her skills playing some of the most prominent festivals and venues such as Madison Square Garden and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. After touring with the band she came back to Hollywood to start on the road for a solo career.

One of her most exciting shows was opening for her long-time idols, Hanson at the Anaheim House of Blues. She released an EP entitled Songs About Boys. Self describing her sound as “like if No Doubt, Pat Benetar, and Kelly Clarkson had a baby.” Kelly Blonde has a awesome musical mix incorporating pop rock with angsty lyrics that make for a killer sound.

ESBMusic had the chance to catch up with Kelly Blonde to chat about her musical inspirations and what’s on her horizon.

ESBM: How did you get into music?
KB: Both of my parents are musicians, that’s actually how they met. They were in a band together. So there was always music around my house growing up. When I was 12 I discovered Hanson and fell in love haha. They were so young and were writing music and performing all over the world. It made me realize that music is what I wanted to do too. I took up the drums because I was too afraid to sing in front of people…and then one day I got over that and haven’t shut my mouth since!

ESBM: You started out as background singer, what made you want to start your own music career?
KB: I’ve always wanted to have my own music career, and I’ve been writing songs since I was like 12. The background singing thing was something that kind of fell into my lap after I graduated from music school. It was an amazing and inspiring experience to tour the world with a band that has such a dedicated fan base. It made me want to go out and perform my own music that much more.

ESBM: You describe your sound as “Like if No Doubt, Pat Benetar, and Kelly Clarkson had a baby,” what inspires your music?
KB: Well, my EP is called Songs About Boys, so the male gender has inspired a lot of my songs. When I’m really heartbroken and pissed off, all I want to do is put the guy in his place. So my songwriting is my way of doing that. I’m also inspired to write songs to help girls like me, who grew up feeling shitty about themselves. I know there are young girls out there who feel like the ugly duckling and feel invisible. That’s how I felt, and honestly still feel sometimes. I’ve always listened to empowering artists like Gwen Stefani and Pat Benatar, whose music has helped me through that. I just hope I can pay that forward some day.

ESBM: If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?
KB: Crying because I’m not singing.

ESBM: Your EP Songs About Boys is out now, is there any new music on the horizon?
KB: Yes! I’m in the writing process right now so we’ll be playing the new songs live, and hopefully within the next year get a couple of them recorded.

ESBM: Any last words?
KB: Go download my song, “Scream” for free HERE!

For more information on Kelly Blonde check out her official website and Facebook pages. Get her Her EP Songs About Boys is available now on streaming platforms including Amazon.

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Wooden table with 4 colored cassette tapes and the words "Artist of the Month" | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Wooden table with 4 colored cassette tapes and the words "Artist of the Month" | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

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